December 14, 2018

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The 2016 Honda Pilot will be the latest version of family SUV the Honda Pilot. Over ten years Honda Pilot serves excellent and get a huge response. So, now Honda is looking for new boxy SUV with more space, better engine, better fuel efficiency and many more upgradation. Not only this, you will get exciting 2016 Honda Pilot Accessories and you can add many more accessories which are not available in the base version.

2016 Honda Pilot – Exterior Accessories:

Exterior 2016 Honda Pilot Accessories includes spare wheels, 17 inch and 18 inch alloy wheels, cross bars, roof rails, snowboard attachment, surfboard attachment, ski attachment, Roof box short as well as medium size, nose mask, bike attachment, door edge guards, side steps in black and chrome, different running boards, Trailer Hitch pin, towing kit, ball 2 in, etc. Also, you can have hood air deflector which helps to keep windshield clean by removing dirt, insects etc. Fog lights is very helpful in bad weather to see. Moon roof visor will provide you good driving experience. You can buy all these accessories if you want to add these features.

2016 Honda Pilot – Interior accessories:

Many people takes care about the interior accessories of their vehicles. Interior accessories are used to make you more comfortable while you are driving or, sitting in your vehicle. There are various interior 2016 Honda Pilot Accessories available. Some of them are: different floor mats, various types of cargo net, cargo organizer, cargo cover, cargo driver, cargo tray and many more. You can have steering wheel cover which will allow you to drive more comfortably and also protect the wheels against temperature and give it a sporty look. Seat covers can be used to make the interior more stylish and protect the seats. Auto Dimming mirror is helpful to reduce the glare of headlamps of the behind vehicles.

2016 Honda Pilot – Electronics accessories:

When the word accessories comes into our mind we all think about electronics accessories and gadgets. In new 2016 Pilot there are sight camera, USB port, climate control, adaptive cruise control, rear view camera and some other advanced technology as well as premium upholstery are included. There are a few electronics 2016 Honda Pilot Accessories which you can buy. They are:

  • Back-Up sensor: Back-up sensor helps to park your car. It will help you to find the parking spots where you can park easily. Thus, in a very tight place it ensures you such that you can in or, out without any crush.
  • Remote engine start: This system is helpful for those who lives in extreme cold or, extreme hot condition. You can control the vehicle as per your will and sit comfortably. You can warm up or, cool down your Honda Pilot if you want with the help of a remote.

So, you can see that there are a lot of accessories and all these will be available shortly after the release of this midsize, compact SUV. Some of them are pre-installed and some you can buy later.


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